New York Interior Design Testimonials

" I pride myself in having a pet salon for 22 years in the Capital District fulfilling our motto of "Setting Standards in Quality Pet Care". I reinvest and renew our image on a 3 year basis to stay current in today's times. My clients are always impressed and look forward to what may be next. I have had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Santy from Pizazz Interior Design. The decision to utilze Lisa's talent and resources for my current renovation took my business to another level. My clients and I are absolutely amazed at the changes in atmosphere in my salon. Lisa's talent is superior and her resources are competitively priced for savings along with the priceless value of being unique and impressive. As creative as I believe I am, I can honestly say, I won't hesitate a moment to call Pizazz before any project, renovations or simply decorating...the job is hers."

- Tracy J. Muscatello / President of Pet Spas of America, Inc. - Latham, NY


Pizazz did a staging consult for me. Lisa had a amazing eye for design and was able to give me exactly what I needed to get my house ready for a sale. The information and the plan for each room was invaluable. The advice Lisa gave me on how to redo my cabinets was amazing and they look brand new, my friends keep complimenting me on all the changes. If you are thinking of selling your home do not hesitate, have Pizazz come to your home and you will without a doubt save money. I will update after my house sells!

- Becky Carmen - Averill Park, NY


Over the past 8 years I have renovated & redone my 1950s-built ranch to reflect my single-with-grown children status. I look to my home as my personal spa; it provides joy, comfort & relaxes me.

Two years ago, my elderly parent was suddenly transferred to a nursing home and cherished family possessions were transported to my home. I was overwhelmed with furnishings that were past & present. Physically & emotionally, I could not determine where to put the myriad of tables, lamps, chairs, & dressers that now occupied my home to create a peaceful living space for me and my family.

I hired Pizazz to look at furnishings I had and to position them to fit each room. I explained that I did not want to invest any more money on furnishings (other than a change in draperies in my living room) but would rather like to incorporate these acquired items.

In one day, the entire contents of furnishings were placed perfectly into the best suited room. I now have a haven that I can return to at the end of my work day that provides me with even more joy & relaxation.

 I highly recommend contacting Pizzaz Interior Design. Get started on improving your living space so that you too can make your home a haven of joy & comfort.     

- Patty Caporta, Delmar, NY


"I have a relatively new house which had virtually no holiday decorations.  My entire staff and guests were coming over for a party, and I wanted the home to look festive.  Lisa and her team from Pizazzisit did just that.  They did an assessment of what was needed, got all the shopping completed, then spent a weekend at my home turning it into a holiday showroom even Santa would be proud of....I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of home decorating." 

- Ed Mitzen, Saratoga Springs, NY


"I just wanted to write a concise letter to show my colossal appreciation of the work you have all done for me and making my home astoundingly desirable to a potential new family.

I could not be more pleased with the quality of the services you have provided. Trying to sell a home is a stressful experience and you ladies made it more comforting and took all the decoration and staging stress off of  me and that allowed me to focus on continuing my everyday life and tending to my daughter. With your staging expertise and keen sense of eye, my house is now under contract and I hope to be moving out soon. I could not have done this without all of your brilliant assistance. Friends and family that have visited recently are amazed at the before and after of my entire upstairs. They all have the highest compliments. Unfortunately for me, I can’t take the praise.

It has been a pleasure to work with individuals that understand the apprehension that goes into selling a home and making it appealing to the potential new owners. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your exceptional hard work. You were here at night and weekends to be sure all was done in a timely fashion. I look forward to spreading your name and wish you all the best of luck. If I can ever be of assistance to you, please always feel free to be in touch. "

- Christina Bolton, Clifton Park, NY